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Jean Leader

Lacemaker and Textile Enthusiast

Intermediate Skills in Bucks Point Lace — Video

The video starts with a short history of Bucks Point lace and information about threads, bobbins and pillows, both those that would have been used in the nineteenth century and those used today. The main part of the video follows, and demonstrates the working of five patterns, with the techniques used explained step-by-step.

Sarah, the first pattern

For this intermediate level program it is best if you have already covered the basic Bucks Point techniques — point ground, footside with catch pin, headside with picots and honeycomb rings. However, these are all reviewed in the first pattern, ‘Sarah’, which also introduces tallies in point ground, mayflower in honeycomb and working a corner with added pairs. This edging is also worked with a cucumber footside, which is explained in detail.


The next pattern, ‘Jessica’, introduces two ways of starting a bookmark and how to finish a bookmark neatly without a tassel. Working gimp fingers and tallies in honeycomb are also explained. A longer version of the pattern is also included. Next comes a hexagonal motif, ‘Ruth’, with more gimp fingers, holes in cloth stitch, and pairs ‘bundled’ at the headside. All these are explained together with tips for easy working of hexagonal motifs. ‘Margo’ is a little more complicated: a small medallion with a butterfly and flowers where you will learn to deal with several gimps and linking the interior of the pattern areas with the rest of the ground. This will give you some idea of how floral Bucks Point is worked. An additional pattern, ‘Joyce’, for a wide edging with a corner, is also included with suggestions of possible variations.

(The patterns are named after my two granddaughters, my daughter, my daughter-in-law and my mother.)

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Intermediate Skills in Bucks Point Lace
with Jean Leader
DVD or USB drive: Running time 6 hours 32 minutes, with 6 pages of notes and prickings
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