More Color in Bedfordshire

More…Color in Bedfordshire Lace

More…Color in Bedfordshire Lace with Jean Leader
DVD or USB drive: Running time 3 hours 30 minutes, with five pages of notes and prickings

UK: £30.00 plus postage
Directly from (USB drive only)

US: Available through the Hensel Productions website

About the Video

This second video about using colour in Bedfordshire lace introduces additional techniques with four new patterns: for a bracelet, matching earrings, a wide edging and a bookmark. These patterns feature working tallies where each of the four threads is a different color, cucumber tallies between two trails, kiss stitches with extra twists to control where the pairs move, and using the roulotté technique as an alternative to a plait. Detailed instructions are provided for working the four patterns, and there is an additional pattern for a butterfly in colour.

“…For each pattern Jean talks you through one repeat of the pattern. It feels as though she is sat beside you, chatting whilst working the lace. She gives much information on how to end each project, ensuring a neat finish…An excellent DVD, highly recommended.”
[Lace 178, Spring 2020]